The Concept

More than anything, Heist Society is a collective of young innovators hellbent on pushing the music industry into the future. With a diverse roster of dedicated artists, Heist Society is committed to growing artists brands both for our roster, and through our roster.

The Practice

Our business runs on two overlapping paths. First and foremost, Heist Society is a record label dedicated to the very best up and coming sounds and artists. By utilizing new technologies, applications, and our professional connections, HS grows local talents. HS also seeks to provide a similar platform for artists across multiple disciplines, including, dance, photography, and fashion. Second, Heist Society is a creative label picks up artists of all disciplines for "singles deals". These one-off events focus Heist Society's game-changing, artist-growing formula into a shorter term project. 

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Our Roster

Our business model places our roster artists at a unique advantage. Since we are a multidisciplinary label, roster artists are able to cross promote, even for singles deals. For example, if HS picks up a group of visual artists for a single event, HS will source the photographers, videographers, DJs, and performers for that event in-house before reaching out to other artists. This allows artists constant access to on-brand partnerships and opportunities. 


Our brand partners are one of our most treasured assets. Heist Society is one of the leading innovators in the music industry for small level brand partnerships. We partner our roster artists with brands to provide mutually beneficial creative experiences.