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Song of Whenever I Feel Like It | Idea

Song of Whenever I Feel Like It | Idea

Hey team! Every Wednesday I’m gonna try to cover a new song that’s been on my mind lately (read: when I get drunk on Tuesday nights and vibe to a certain song, I’m gonna write about it). This week’s song is Idea by EAGLEBABEL. You can listen here.

Whea Yo Ghost At.png


I recommend you listen while reading the rest of this post.



Cadence. Rhythm, step. Idea steps into a sonic dreamscape, aesthetically influenced by the expert flow of Kendrick Lamar just as much as the rhythms of the city it describes. Chicago is EAGLEBABEL’s hometown, but for him and many Chicago residents, Chicago’s rich cultural-musical-rhythmic past informs its present.  Chicago as shown by EAGLEBABEL is relationships. Friend to friend, brother to brother, homie to homie. EAGLEBABEL steps into the relationships that defined his formative years, letting the ghosts of his homies fallen speak through their shared relationships—relationships that cannot be divorced from the cultural context of the Southside of Chicago where they grew up.



“When you die you just really multiply through your kin”


EAGLEBABEL’s musical background is deeply rooted in Jazz. This self-produced piece features harmonies written and sung by EAGLEBABEL. A hook that enchants just as much as it haunts. A balance that strikes at the heart of what it feels like sounds like may be like to Chi-RAW*.


The reason this song has been on repeat isn’t because Tyler is my friend, or because we worked/wrote/created together as a part of The Outsiders. It’s on repeat because it proves that you can fly without ever leaving the ground.  


*ask EAGLEBABEL himself



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